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Picture: VideoTIM3 with mini hand-held video camera on a text document

Welcome to ABTIM.COM

VideoTIM3 - the monitor for the blind - is now available in Europe.


VideoTIM provides new job opportunities for the blind and autonomy for their private lifes. We have more than ten years experience in this new technology.

The latest generation VideoTIM3, published in mid-2013, has an all-new electronics and significantly improved ergonomics.

The VideoTIM technology consists of two main components: a hand-held video camera and the main unit with the tactile display. It makes documents readable with your fingers. After one day of training, most users can read whole sentences. On the second day, this reading is much faster. After several days reading with the VideoTIM routine occurs. The reading hand rests on the tactile display and gets all the information by moving touch points.

VideoTIM is a unique device that allows "tactile vision". It is not comparable with Blind Readers (scanners with OCR and speech output).

Many users of VideoTIM were previously OPTACON users.

For questions about VideoTIM3 or the related training, please write to


 Thanks to all supporters and friends of the VideoTIM project!

Updated 2013-08-20

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