Reading Device for the Blind

Technical Data:

Bild: VideoTIM3 mit Handkamera auf Textdokument

Version: VideoTIM3

  • TIM display with 256 touch points (pixels) on an area of ​​4 x 4 cm
  • The touch points of the TIM display work with piezo technology, which is characterized by a high actuating speed (approx. 1/70 of a second) and actuating force
  • Fast image sequence with 24 images per second
  • Scan electronics with associated software ensure automatic image optimization
  • The device works without disturbing vibrations
  • Low noise when working; noiseless when the camera is standing still
  • Housing in compact format with a footprint of 12.9 x 23 cm and a height of 6.5 cm (without buttons, switches, controls, plugs)
  • Weight including handheld video camera approx. 1000g
  • Ergonomic hand rest for a relaxed hand position while reading with the fingers
  • Ergonomically optimized design of the button and controller placement - making the operating functions easier to reach
  • Handheld video camera with built-in document illumination using white LED light
  • 2 buttons to enlarge and reduce the tactile images in 9 zoom levels
  • 1 button with three different contrast settings and inversion function (negative representation)
  • 1 toggle switch to make hair-fine lines visible
  • 1 controller for the image brightness (e.g. to display text or graphics thinner or thicker)
  • 1 input socket for the power supply from the power supply unit
  • 1 input socket for the handheld video camera
  • 1 on / off switch

Delivery with:

  • Power adapter
  • Rubber mat to put the Documents at
  • VideoTIM trainings-set
  • Transport bag

Special Equipment:

  • Accupack with charger for several hours of operation of the VideoTIM3 without a mains connection
  • Positioning template to be able to make signatures and crosses e.g. on forms

Please note that the technical description of the VideoTIM3 is an example. VideoTIM4 has now appeared and numerous technical improvements have been implemented in this new generation of devices. If you are interested, please request the current product description at